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Aurora Exterior Painting Was Founded In 2004 By Alexi Bobolia And Marc Ferlo

October 21, 2015
If you have a home in Massachusetts that you want painted, then you should look into contacting Aurora Exterior Painting. This is an even more important project than interior painting because it has such an outsized effect on the value of the home and how it is perceived by others. This is immensely important to many homeowners, which is why many look to hire the professionals over at Aurora Exterior Painting, rather than doing the job themselves. Aurora Exterior Painting was founded in 2004 by business partners Alexi Bobolia and Marc Ferlo, who brought a great deal of experience with home painting to the table for their clients.
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Aurora Exterior Painting Was Founded By Marc Ferlo And Alexi Bobolia

April 07, 2015
Aurora Exterior Painting was founded in 2004 by two partners, Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia. If you are looking for Massachusetts house painters, there is no company that is better suited to meeting your needs. They offer high quality Massachusetts house painting at a reasonable price, which has been a central part of their goal since the establishment of the company.

Massachusetts professional painters are not easy to find, especially if you need a project done with guaranteed quality and a relatively low price. The experienced crews that have been put together by Aurora Exterior Painting know exactly what they are doing and how to make a house look its very best. Achieving client satisfaction is very important for Aurora Exterior Painting, because they want to do more than just complete a project, they want to create a client who uses them for any other painting needs.

Aurora House Painters does more than exclusively paint homes, they can paint all kinds of properties, if needed. They also do prep services, some carpentry, and power washing for their clients. They are happy to be able to help their clients in multiple ways and with rates that are reasonable.